Are you ever really ready?

Have you ever had these thoughts run through your head? 

I will start my business when......

  • When I get my schedule organized 
  • When I clear out a spot
  • When I feel less stressed
  • When I feel like I know what I am doing
  • When my kids are on a consistent schedule
  • When I lose some weight
  • When........(fill in the blank)

One thing I have learned from running a business is that you are never completely ready and you most likely will not have ALL the answers when you get started.

I receive many many emails asking me all sorts of questions about getting this particular business started. What will I need? What if I am not an artist? What if I have never worked with clay before? What if I can't get my plates to look as good as yours? What if I don't do it right? What if I mess up?

You get my point?

My answer always boils down to this. Do you want to do this business? If the answer is yes, I will show you the way! But know this...

  • You will get it!
  • You will learn all you need to know.
  • You WILL mess up!
  • You WILL make mistakes.
  • You WILL become a professional in your industry.
  • You WILL have fun along the way!

Just like life, starting a business is a journey. You don't always know where it will take you but you jump in, do your best, and good things will follow.

When I started my business back in 2000, I had NO experience with clay. I had never created anything with clay before. But what I had was the desire and the knowing that this business was for me. I knew that I needed to start this business, even though I did not feel ready.

Thankfully I followed my heart and started something really great!

It is my desire to not only train you & help get you going in your own business, but to start you on a journey that is so very rewarding. The reward for creating a piece of art for a Mom & Dad of their little baby is priceless. Seeing a new mom hold her little baby boy's handprint plaque, run her finger over the little hand and foot, is a beautiful moment. The experiences that you will have on this journey are priceless.

So, even though you do not feel ready...have some faith in yourself. Know that I will be here to help you and answer your questions and encourage you along the way. :)

I really and truly am excited for your new chapter and all the experiences you will have in your life because you took the chance on YOU!

Much love,




Summer Days and Working at Home

Another summer is here! Time goes by so fast. Each year faster than the last. As I have been contemplating time speeding by and juggling work, children, summer and fun, I came across this blog post of mine from a couple of years ago. I love it. This entry is much like a journal entry. A snapshot into a day in my life. 

Two years later, I am still doing all the same things and still working from home. Thankful and reflective.

If you contemplate whether working at home is for you, you can learn a bit from me. I have been doing it for 14 years now and I am so happy to have the flexibility to mold my work around family.

So here it is, my blog blast from the past. Enjoy!

School is out and summer is in full swing. Each year I get a bit......STRESSED this process is happening. It is a time when I start to think, OH NO what have I gotten myself into? My boys are around and needing rides, money, food, friends, baseball games, practices, food, money. :) I think to myself, how am I going to juggle this summer and still be productive with my business? This year I kindly and gently reminded myself that this happens each and every summer and somehow I am able to create a schedule and plan that just takes a few weeks to put it into place. 

Today was no exception, as I juggled the stress of juggling work and my boys. My work space is part of my open front room. I am pretty much front and center as my boys come in and out of the house. (It is kind of nice that way....they HAVE to say hello to me). But, summertime is a change in the norm and I need to deal with it.  I can either snap at my boys for bothering me or be thankful they are “bothering” me. I am blessed to be able to work from home and when I look at it this way I realize that I choose this. I can put down what I am working on and scooch on over to my large 15 year old who is sitting on the couch in my office, because he wants to. :)  I am able to sit next to him and have a little conversation with him. Moments like this, on a summer day, remind me why I choose to work at home. Some days it seems a bit crazy and some days it goes way better than I could have ever expected and other days I am just thankful that my 15 year old came into my office and spent 5 minutes with me talking about his music.

I didn’t get too much done as far as work goes today. I will work harder tomorrow. I will get up earlier and get a few hours in before they wake up. But, today, I got to spend time with my boys running them around to friend’s houses and the golf course. I got to do these things. I am thankful for those moments.

Just like the little hand and foot impressions I create, freezing time, these little moments with my teenagers are fleeting. They are at the stage in life where friends are more fun than Mom. So, I will put down what I am doing and I will embrace my moment with my handsome boy and I will be thankful he chose to sit on my couch.

How do you juggle your summer days? What little adjustments do you make to your schedule so you can fit it all in? I would love to hear. :)

Here’s to happy summer, busy, fun filled days.

Much love,



Ceramic Handprint Studio

One of my favorite things in my Ceramic Hand and Foot Impressions business........creating the studio space for my beautiful customers. 

I LOVE having a space where they feel comfortable coming into my home.


When I started my business back in 2000, I used my kitchen table. I set up and took down on the days I had appointments. I worked up, over the years, to having a room just for my customers. Until then though, my kitchen table was perfect.

I have had several studio spaces over the years. This one is in my current home. :)

You will notice in the picture that the lower levels of my book shelf are empty. I learned very quickly that it was best not to have anything breakable at toddler level. If you have toddlers you are well aware of why this is, lol!

I always make sure I have many many samples for my customers to look at. I found it was good to give ideas. Having this many options is overwhelming for some people, but really and truly there are so many options it would be impossible to have a sample of every single possibility.

What you don't see in the picture is a couch I have to the left of the table. A place to sit down and get cozy. It is very common for family members to come along to see the impression process. I also have a toy box that is not visible in this photo. Sometimes older siblings need something to keep their little hands busy.

Because this is such a personal business I want my customers to feel right at home, in my home.

I will dig up some of my other studio rooms soon. But I thought you might like to see an example of one of my studio/impression creating room.

If you are considering training, please know that my training is very thorough. I pay attention to the details and I will hold your hand through the process. Promise.


Get ready for a beautiful adventure. :)

Much love,


Is it YOUR year?

Okay....I am stating the obvious! It is 2014. Can you believe it? Do you say that every year too? I do. Life really does fly by so quickly. Each year quicker than the last.

I have set some intentions for myself for this New Year. 

I am starting with a new phrase and I am removing the word "hard" from my vocabulary. I find myself saying, "this is so hard" or "that is so hard." I am going to replace that phrase with "this is easy" and I plan on using the words ease and flow a lot more. 

With each passing year I realize how precious life is. I realize I do not want to live a life of worry. I realize I want to live life on my own terms. When I set those intentions, my life is easier. When my outlook changes life gets easier.

Have you been putting off starting something you are wanting to do? Maybe it is to start your own Ceramic Hand and Footprint business? Maybe it is to run a 5k this year? Maybe to be more patient with your children? Or maybe, just to change the voices in your head that tell you something is hard. :) (that's me).

I hope whatever you choose to change or improve or work towards this year, you just take it one step at a time and know that this life is meant to be easy. Ease and flow. You are welcome to adopt my words for the year. Use them every time you feel the emotions and feeling that come with saying "it's just so hard." :)

I am looking forward to this new year and those of you who I will get to meet and work with. If you have been thinking of starting your own ceramic impressions business, now is a great time. It is easy to find a million and one reasons to put off something that seems hard or overwhelming. But if you tell your self...."this will be easy" will. I am here ready to help you, so how could you go wrong.

Sending love and blessings to you this fresh new January 2014.

Much love,


Are You An Entrepreneur?

Are you an entrepreneur? What are you waiting for?

How do you know you are ready to be an entrepreneur? Do you have a little fire burning and you keep pushing it away? When is the perfect time? When will you have all the money to get started? When will you have the knowledge it takes? When will you have the skill and ability? What if you fail? What if you succeed? When will you have all the answers?

NEVER! you can begin. :)

It is so funny......I am seriously the queen of questions. No, really I am!!! I have to answer these questions myself as I being a few new entrepreneur endeavors I am working on. I am starting a new business and all the scary feelings I had when I started Tiny Touches are looming over my head now. Only good has come from Tiny Touches and so why do I question my ability to start something else? I don’t know!!! LOL Fear I guess, it always seems to get in the way....

I look at starting a few business much like starting ANYTHING big. How about collage, getting married, having babies, etc? Are you really ever ready for ANY of that? Do you ever really feel like you have ALL the information you need? Don’t you start each one of those chapters in your life and think....what the hell did I just get myself into.....I am in way over my head? 

I just watched this video I found on youtube and I want to share it with you. I LOVE THIS!!! Maybe a little too much. It think I have watched it about 22 times now and I just discovered it yesterday. BUT in my defense, you kind of have to watch it several times to let each brilliant piece sink in. Watch it and love it! And then do that thing you have been wanting to do.

Happy Monday evening to you!


An Investment in YOU

I get many many requests for information on my Ceramic Hand & Footprint Training program. Many lookie loos who are interested but not willing to commit to training. Many who want to start a business but are scared to get started. Many people not willing to invest in themselves and pay for a training program and like to "pick my brain".  

All of that is fine and well, BUT I know my training is valuable. I know my training is comprehensive. And I know my training program will help you get a home business running and running well. 

I have put a value monetarily on my training. It is the combination of thousand of hours of blood sweat and tears. :)

I have also found that often times when someone does not feel like they are making an investment in themselves, they are not as likely to get the business up and running. There is a lot of psychology behind pricing and I could go on and on, but I won't. :)

But the bottom line is YOU have to decide you are ready. 

I want to share a very sweet testimonial that came from one of my trainees.  These are her words.  You maybe able to relate to some of her concerns and fears before she got started......

Hi dear Amy,

I just want to take few minutes and write this letter to you and tell you how blessed I am that I found YOU and your amazing training program!

When I decided to finally give you a call and order the program I did not have any experience with clay and ceramics whatsoever. I was just a mom who was desperately looking for a way to stay at home with her newborn baby and be able to help her family. I was a little reluctant at first and thought this is another scam going around. I WAS SO WRONG!!! A month after I received your dvd and the manual I was creating amazing ceramic impressions all by myself and you were there for me each and every step of the way! Your program was incredibly easy to follow through. Having a baby on hand (my beautiful son) and some clay to play with I was getting better and better and in August, 2013 I launched my business.  It has been few months now and I am enjoying my busy schedule! I started to attend baby shows and printing parties too. AND THE BEST PART IS I am able to stay at home, take care of my amazing little cutie and help with my family income. I decide when I am going to work and when I will spend time with my family. I JUST LOVE IT!!!                                              And that is all happening because of you!

P.S If someone is wondering if they can run this business from their apartment I can assure you can. I have been doing it and I love it!!!


Toronto, ON, Canada

When you are ready to take that first step I will be here to help you get going. Don't let fear stop you from an amazing journey. This business is just that, a journey. It will be full of newness and learning. It will be full of beautiful experiences that will bless your life.

I am ready. Are you?