Are You An Entrepreneur?

Are you an entrepreneur? What are you waiting for?

How do you know you are ready to be an entrepreneur? Do you have a little fire burning and you keep pushing it away? When is the perfect time? When will you have all the money to get started? When will you have the knowledge it takes? When will you have the skill and ability? What if you fail? What if you succeed? When will you have all the answers?

NEVER! you can begin. :)

It is so funny......I am seriously the queen of questions. No, really I am!!! I have to answer these questions myself as I being a few new entrepreneur endeavors I am working on. I am starting a new business and all the scary feelings I had when I started Tiny Touches are looming over my head now. Only good has come from Tiny Touches and so why do I question my ability to start something else? I don’t know!!! LOL Fear I guess, it always seems to get in the way....

I look at starting a few business much like starting ANYTHING big. How about collage, getting married, having babies, etc? Are you really ever ready for ANY of that? Do you ever really feel like you have ALL the information you need? Don’t you start each one of those chapters in your life and think....what the hell did I just get myself into.....I am in way over my head? 

I just watched this video I found on youtube and I want to share it with you. I LOVE THIS!!! Maybe a little too much. It think I have watched it about 22 times now and I just discovered it yesterday. BUT in my defense, you kind of have to watch it several times to let each brilliant piece sink in. Watch it and love it! And then do that thing you have been wanting to do.

Happy Monday evening to you!