Ceramic Handprint Studio

One of my favorite things in my Ceramic Hand and Foot Impressions business........creating the studio space for my beautiful customers. 

I LOVE having a space where they feel comfortable coming into my home.


When I started my business back in 2000, I used my kitchen table. I set up and took down on the days I had appointments. I worked up, over the years, to having a room just for my customers. Until then though, my kitchen table was perfect.

I have had several studio spaces over the years. This one is in my current home. :)

You will notice in the picture that the lower levels of my book shelf are empty. I learned very quickly that it was best not to have anything breakable at toddler level. If you have toddlers you are well aware of why this is, lol!

I always make sure I have many many samples for my customers to look at. I found it was good to give ideas. Having this many options is overwhelming for some people, but really and truly there are so many options it would be impossible to have a sample of every single possibility.

What you don't see in the picture is a couch I have to the left of the table. A place to sit down and get cozy. It is very common for family members to come along to see the impression process. I also have a toy box that is not visible in this photo. Sometimes older siblings need something to keep their little hands busy.

Because this is such a personal business I want my customers to feel right at home, in my home.

I will dig up some of my other studio rooms soon. But I thought you might like to see an example of one of my studio/impression creating room.

If you are considering training, please know that my training is very thorough. I pay attention to the details and I will hold your hand through the process. Promise.


Get ready for a beautiful adventure. :)

Much love,