Summer Days and Working at Home

Another summer is here! Time goes by so fast. Each year faster than the last. As I have been contemplating time speeding by and juggling work, children, summer and fun, I came across this blog post of mine from a couple of years ago. I love it. This entry is much like a journal entry. A snapshot into a day in my life. 

Two years later, I am still doing all the same things and still working from home. Thankful and reflective.

If you contemplate whether working at home is for you, you can learn a bit from me. I have been doing it for 14 years now and I am so happy to have the flexibility to mold my work around family.

So here it is, my blog blast from the past. Enjoy!

School is out and summer is in full swing. Each year I get a bit......STRESSED this process is happening. It is a time when I start to think, OH NO what have I gotten myself into? My boys are around and needing rides, money, food, friends, baseball games, practices, food, money. :) I think to myself, how am I going to juggle this summer and still be productive with my business? This year I kindly and gently reminded myself that this happens each and every summer and somehow I am able to create a schedule and plan that just takes a few weeks to put it into place. 

Today was no exception, as I juggled the stress of juggling work and my boys. My work space is part of my open front room. I am pretty much front and center as my boys come in and out of the house. (It is kind of nice that way....they HAVE to say hello to me). But, summertime is a change in the norm and I need to deal with it.  I can either snap at my boys for bothering me or be thankful they are “bothering” me. I am blessed to be able to work from home and when I look at it this way I realize that I choose this. I can put down what I am working on and scooch on over to my large 15 year old who is sitting on the couch in my office, because he wants to. :)  I am able to sit next to him and have a little conversation with him. Moments like this, on a summer day, remind me why I choose to work at home. Some days it seems a bit crazy and some days it goes way better than I could have ever expected and other days I am just thankful that my 15 year old came into my office and spent 5 minutes with me talking about his music.

I didn’t get too much done as far as work goes today. I will work harder tomorrow. I will get up earlier and get a few hours in before they wake up. But, today, I got to spend time with my boys running them around to friend’s houses and the golf course. I got to do these things. I am thankful for those moments.

Just like the little hand and foot impressions I create, freezing time, these little moments with my teenagers are fleeting. They are at the stage in life where friends are more fun than Mom. So, I will put down what I am doing and I will embrace my moment with my handsome boy and I will be thankful he chose to sit on my couch.

How do you juggle your summer days? What little adjustments do you make to your schedule so you can fit it all in? I would love to hear. :)

Here’s to happy summer, busy, fun filled days.

Much love,