The Most Precious

One of the biggest lessons I have learned in this business of creating ceramic handprint impressions is the trust my customers have in me, with their most preciousness, their babies.

Over the years, I have had all sorts of parents come into my home. I have had the scheduled parent, the nervous parent, the blissful parent, the exhausted parent, the on cloud nine parent, the stressed out parent, the weepy parent, the casual parent, the flustered parent, the giddy parent, and on and on and on.

I love them all.

We are all in the parenting experience together, even tho at times we feel very very alone. I know I did, as a mom of two small boys and now as they are teenagers, I still feel that way from time to time. But the feelings of new parents and parents in the thick of parenting several small children is mostly the same. We are all doing our best.

You get to interact with these parents, for a small moment in time, as you invite them into your home, to create a priceless keepsake for them. Treat each interaction as special and meaningful. This is so very important. Your customers will know the difference. And this will make the difference between a so so business and a successful business.

But, as all these different types of parents walk into my home with their little ones, they trust me to treat their children kindly and with respect. I take great pride in that exchange.

I honor the roll of parent, no matter what type of parent you are. I get it. I understand. I have been there.

The time the intersection of me meeting my customer happens, I am thankful that our paths have crossed. Sometimes the interaction with my customers is just that, a one time interaction in which I create a product for them and they go on their way. Other times, emotional, heartfelt conversations happen. I am always thankful for both.

I have had customers confide in me all sorts of things. I am always so honored that someone would trust me with such moments.

It is this reason that this business is so special and so much more than just creating handprints.

This business is for the kind, the compassionate and the trusting.

Your life will be blessed because you are the type of person who can step up the challenge of being trusted. You will be thankful you are trusted. I know, because I am.

Look at each impression and interaction you create as something to be cherished. When you do this, you will know you have the perfect business.