Ceramic Handprint Training covering the world!

You know the scene in You've Got Mail where Meg Ryan's character exclaims, "I'm A Chain" ? Well that is how I feel each time one of my Ceramic Handprint Training Kits goes out into the world. I get so excited that someone has taken the plunge and is starting their own journey of building a loving business.

 You are your own boss when you purchase my training and not actual a chain, but I feel a whole lotta happiness giving you the tools, to quickly, create your own successful business!

I opened my big book of trainees (you get to be in this book if you are one of my trainees) and I stared thinking and reflecting on all the people who I have gotten to meet, train, and talk with in relationship to building a ceramic handprint business. I feel so blessed to have crossed paths with you. It is fun to  know that you are experiencing the love and joy I do when I create impressions.

Want in my book?! Lemme know and I will be happy to get you started. :)

Part of looking through my book was seeing all the places that CHT has been sent out to, all across the country and even internationally to Canada, The UK, India, and The Philippines! How exciting is that?! Ohmygoodness! My heart is full.

I made a quick sketch of places that my training program has flown to. Many of these states I have even sent several kits to. There are so many babies born in our Country and around the world each day that you don't really have competition. Just be you and build your business with the abundance theory in place and you will be successful.

The abundance theory is the belief that there is so much abundance in this big world of ours that there is enough for everyone to be successful and abundant doing what they love.

If I had let competition stop me once I got my business going (or even before I got started) I would have accomplished a whole lot of nothing. No one can do your business the way you can do your business. You bring all the special things that make you who you are, that is a gift to share with the world.

I am excited to see where the next Ceramic Handprint Training kit will go next. Is it to you? Are you ready to take the plunge? I am ready when you are ready.

Sending you love and abundance this day!