Ceramic Handprint Training ~ Just the DVD/Manual

Can you believe it is April already?! Each year gets faster than the last. I have a son graduating from high school this May! I really don't know how the past 18 years have gone by so fast. Crazy pants!

This week I wanted to answer a question that many of you email me about. That question is...

"Can I Buy Just The DVD?"

I can understand that question. There are many costs that need to be budgeted for when starting a business. But I want to tell you that the DVD/Manual (they are a set) is where all the value is. I have packed my training full of over 10,000 hours of experience. When you purchase my training you are buying my expertise. I make sure you get a great value for the money.

So...I am going to rephrase how my training package is priced. The DVD/Manual/Vlogs is sold for $599 and the rest of the "stuff" is free, with purchase! Tile samples, handprint samples, starter tools, the 10 professional product photos, and email coaching......all FREE!

I really want you to be successful in your business and that is why email coaching is a very important part of my training. You will have questions. Things come up when getting started that you cannot plan for. You may make a few mistakes with your impressions or you may not know how to handle a certain customer and this is when you will be very happy to have access to me. Sometimes you get up and going and just need someone to trouble shoot with.

I want to challenge you with something and that is to think bigger! You are starting a business and you are investing in the abundance of your business. You will charge your customers for your skills and experience and you want your customers to feel good and happy paying you for your product. Well, I have a product, my training, and I want you to feel good about the skills and training you receive from me. See how it all works? If you take this step with me, I will make sure you are armed with the information you need to be successful.

When you are ready, let me know! I am here and I am happy to help you get going!

Here is to a great spring full of new beginnings!

Happy Impression Making!!!

Much love,