Your Ceramic Handprint Business ~ The Memories Will Be Priceless

Running your own business often involves your own blood, sweet and tears! It is just the reality of starting something from scratch.

But oh the stories you will have! I recommend keeping some kind of journal or diary. The memories you will make from your very heart centered business and priceless.


I remember when I started my business back in 2000, I would get so nervous right before customers came over. I always wanted to have everything go smoothly. Well, one thing I learned very quickly with this business was that I do not have control over everything.

When you are dealing with new babies, new moms, and children of all ages, you will learn that your customers will lead the way, for the most part. You provide your best self and you will show up prepared, but you have to be prepared for anything.

This is what makes it so fun to have your own handprint business. Two days are never the same.

In this interview, I talk about an experience I had with a 3 1/2 year old feisty little girl. It is one experience I will never forget. Just remember as you watch this, I had full permission from the mom to "just go for it." With that the video for the rest of the story. I had literally worked up a sweat with this little darling girl! :)

As you build your business, you will get to know how most kids react to the clay and with you, being a stranger,  pressing their hand in the clay. Most kids are curious and many (older) kids can't wait to get their hand in the clay. I recommend following the parent's lead and being in tune to what they mom and dad are comfortable with. They know their children the best.

Keep track of your stories and weave them through your business and your social media. If  nothing else, they will be beautiful memories for you to keep through the years.

Happy Impression Making!

Much love,