I Once Was A Teacher

Years ago, before my children were born. I went to college and majored in Secondary Education. I found a job and stared my teaching career in 1993. I loved it! I taught Health Education, Physiology & Anatomy, and Gifted & Talented. I loved it so much! I loved teaching and being back in high school, with all those amazing students.

When I would talk to people and tell them what I did for a living, I would always be greeted with twisted faces and comments like, "I couldn't do that! High School kids are scary" or "Is it awful dealing with those crazy high school kids?" Something along those lines anyway. My answer was always I LOVE IT! Teenagers are great and I loved being around them. Yes, there were a few difficult situations I had to deal with, but I believe teenagers are good human beings, just trying to figure life out (like the rest of us). They, like you and me, need love and support. That is how I approached my teaching career. I looked at my students as individuals making their way through life and my attitude and love for them grew.

In 1997 I had a decision to make. My first son was born and I had to decide if I would be going back to school the next year or not. I had a great principal and he actually let me have a a whole year to decide. How great is that?! I took the next year and poured myself into being a mom. It was wonderful. I also made the decision to stay at home with my baby. I did not return to work the following year. I was officially a stay at home mom.

[Side Note] I just dropped my first born, Ryan off to college this past Sunday. He has officially left the nest! A complete blog post for another day. I am just so proud of him I had to share a huge life moment with y'all. :) 

In 1999 my second son was born and I spent the next year and a half in full mom mode. Basically just trying to figure out how to raise these fun and energetic boys. It was overwhelming and amazing all at the same time.

In 2000, I started to get restless. I even started to get a little depressed. (I have spoken about that in another blog.) I decided I needed something for me, just me. I loved working and interacting with people and I could tell I needed to put that back into my life. I also loved being a mom and it was important to me to stay home with my two little ones. 

So in the fall of 2000 I began my journey into the ceramic handprint business. My boys were 3 & 15 months, just little guys. It has been an amazing journey. Still is. 

All these years later, I am still a teacher. I guess it is in my bones. I created this training program using my love for what I do and also using my teaching skills.

If you, like me, are feeling the need to add human interaction into your day to day mom life, then I am here to help you. It is a big decision, but I know when you are ready, you will let me know.

Start creating the life you want. If you want more to your life....make it happen. 

I am a click away. I don't bite.

Sending love and light your way!

~Amy xoxo