Ceramic Handprint Business & Training Testimonial

It fills me up to be able to help others run a successful home business, especially one that is profitable.

Meet Jen....

Several years ago Jen reached out to me from the Philippines and was curious about starting her own ceramic handprint business. Of course I said yes and we got right to work.

Jen is a huge breast feeding advocate and she has found a perfect way to combine her passions. Here are a few words Jen had to say about training with me.

"More than the excellent training package (including the DVD, manual, starter kit, video blogs etc), it is the trust and the helpful voice of Amy that is the winner with this whole training. I live outside USA so I don't have access to stores or shops that otherwise is easy to find for US residents. But Amy was very patient and helpful in giving me all the information I needed. She went well out of her way to help a trainee she did not even know for long. And I think this is what sets her training apart from other ceramic impressions training out there, her dedication to help and make you succeed. This is the perfect business for a single mom like me, who wants to give more time to her son but still bring income to the family. -Jen, MNL"

I am waiting for YOU! Let's get busy getting you ready for your own business.

~Amy xo