Ceramic Handprint Training ~ Testimonial

So many of us moms are looking for a way to make money AND stay home with our kiddos. This is THE BEST part of having your own Ceramic Handprint Impression business, you are the boss and you get to mold this around you and your family.

I love what I do! You know, my favorite part of my business is meeting amazing people from around the world and right here in the USA. Patricia C. is from Alabama and she has a beautiful business. Patricia, you are a delight and I have loved working with you! 

Patricia C. from Clayful Memories

Patricia C. from Clayful Memories

"I loved training with Amy. I scraped up and sold what I could to get into this business because I wanted it so badly. I only needed to watch the videos once, taking notes, then I was able to soar from there. Since then I've come up with many ideas of my own and learned my own tricks. My business picked up after about a year (mostly due to lots of big changes and sickness so I wasn't able to market much for a while) and now my hard work has paid off. Amy has great suggestions for marketing that has really helped me. I've been in direct sales before and I was never any good at it! I had trouble marketing, the products weren't unique enough because EVERYONE was doing it, and most importantly....I was not in love with the products, myself. But THIS business I am truly over the moon for. I love meeting the families and making them smile with the precious pieces I'm creating for them. I knew this would be a great business for me because I absolutely *needed* these pieces made for my own babies. Learning this art has been so exciting and to this day I am absolutely giddy to open up the kiln and see the finished pieces. I'm so glad I found Amy and I highly recommend the program. 

-Patricia C, Alabama"

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~ Amy