Hi Amy!


More than the excellent training package (including the DVD, manual, starter kit, video blogs etc), it is the trust and the helpful voice of Amy that is the winner with this whole training. I live outside USA so I don't have access to stores or shops that otherwise is easy to find for US residents. But Amy was very patient and helpful in giving me all the information I needed. She went well out of her way to help a trainee she did not even know for long. And I think this is what sets her training apart from other ceramic impressions training out there, her dedication to help and make you succeed. This is the perfect business for a single mom like me, who wants to give more time to her son but still bring income to the family. 

-Jen, MNL

I just wanted to let you know how amazing the training video has been for me...I think it has been just about 6 weeks since I received it and here I am thoroughly enjoying my busy schedule!! After lots of practice with friends' babies and children I am already receiving clients of my own from the community. It is so exciting to see how fast this business takes off and I know it will only grow from here on out. The video has really helped me fine tune everything and you have been so helpful with all of your responses to numerous emails and questions I have had. Thanks again for sharing your passion!

-Melissa, NE


Hi Dear Amy,

I just want to take few minutes and write this letter to you and tell you how blessed I am that I found YOU and your amazing training program!

When I decided to finally give you a call and order the program I did not have any experience with clay and ceramics whatsoever. I was just a mom who was desperately looking for a way to stay at home with her newborn baby and be able to help her family. I was a little reluctant at first and thought this is another scam going around. I WAS SO WRONG!!! A month after I received your dvd and the manual I was creating amazing ceramic impressions all by myself and you were there for me each and every step of the way! Your program was incredibly easy to follow through. Having a baby on hand (my beautiful son) and some clay to play with I was getting better and better and in August, 2013 I launched my business.  It has been few months now and I am enjoying my busy schedule! I started to attend baby shows and printing parties too. AND THE BEST PART IS I am able to stay at home, take care of my amazing little cutie and help with my family income. I decide when I am going to work and when I will spend time with my family. I JUST LOVE IT!!!                                              And that is all happening because of you!

P.S If someone is wondering if they can run this business from their apartment I can assure you can. I have been doing it and I love it!!!


Toronto, ON, Canada


Dear Amy,

Your Ceramic Handprint Training course has been as easy to follow as a recipe in a cook book and way more fun!  I have watched the instructional DVD’s many times to make sure I am remembering everything in the actual technique of taking the impressions that you are teaching and I enjoy it just as much as I did the first time I watched it AND I still look forward to watching it again!

After 6 weeks of practicing on anyone that would let me…I am now accepting customers of my own and have signed up for my first arts and crafts festival that is targeted for children and pets.  Thank you so much for providing an organized and VERY detailed instructional program.  I look forward to building my business using the tools and knowledge you’ve given me.

- Allison, Mississippi


Hey Amy,

I've been meaning to write you for awhile now. I've been wanting to let you know how wonderful my business has been for me! I enjoy it so much and it is very conducive to our family situation, not to mention I have had success beyond what we ever imagined! So thank you for the opportunity you have given me.

- Lindsey, CA


Six months ago I began the adventure of creating my own lasting impressions and I couldn't be more thrilled. Thanks to Amy and her training DVD, I feel confident and excited to be part of this unique industry. My business took off and I have been thrilled at the results! Amy is thorough and detailed enough that I felt comfortable about stepping out on my own. I can personalize my business with my own touch while maintaining a quality craft.

Whenever I have had questions, concerns, or exciting moments to share, Amy has been there for me each and every time. She is supportive and stands behind her commitment to help out 100% of the time. I now consider Amy a friend and am grateful that she offered this wonderful opportunity to me. Not only am I able to meet amazing people, but I am able to make something that will capture a piece of their lives that they will treasure forever. Thanks to Amy, I feel like a pretty lucky girl!

- Miranda, UT


Amy’s instructional DVD training was so thorough and made me feel very capable of running my own business and providing a great product to people. I had never touched clay, but had always wanted to do my own business to help bring a little extra money to our family. The personal attention she gave was great. All my questions were answered so well and gave me the confidence I’ve needed to get this business running.  

- Makenzie, CO


Hi Amy,
Thanks for making such an easy to follow training program, my new business is just starting to kick off and it’s all thanks to your great training DVD. The VIP corner is also excellent with video content that is easy to follow and imitate for your own clients.  Thank you so much!

- Natalie


"Amy's program is AMAZING! She guided me step by step on making the perfect impressions, it was as if she was next to me the whole time. When I had additional questions or concerns, she would respond to all my e-mails within 24 hours or less. She is patient & her 15 years of experience in the business are evident when explaining, to the fine & minor details, on how to get each technique right. I purchased a program that allowed me access to the VIP blog videos & felt like it was well worth having that additional information. I am very excited about starting my home business making precious impressions & being part of preserving memories of loved ones. Thank you Amy."

- A V, Florida


"Amy Wengreen’s a Guide to Success in the Hand and Footprint Industry has been a great source for our business’ (Tiny Prints and Paws) beginning. We knew we wanted to have a children’s ceramic impression business but really didn’t know where or how to start. We found Amy’s program and it has been wonderful. Her instruction on both the dvd and the manual are extremely detailed, leaving very few questions, and those questions we did have she graciously answered for us. In our starter kit she gave us the tools we needed and some sample plates so we could examine them up close. Dawn and I (Kacie) have had a few learning trials, but I am confident that we would have had exponentially more trials had we not had this program every step of the way. Even after 6 months of our business up and running we will sometimes go back to the manual and dvd just to make sure we are still following her fabulous instruction. Amy has been super encouraging and I know we made the right choice. Thank you Amy!"

- Dawn and Kacie


"Amy has been so encouraging and helpful in starting my business. She told me to stop thinking and planning and just do it, and now it is all happening and my dreams are coming to fruition. Her support has been invaluable, and her expert advice is essential to the success of my business. I am grateful for it!"

 - Erin, Indiana


"Amy's training program is Excellent! She goes through every detail possible, and makes learning the steps to make great impression tiles very easy for those who have never worked with clay. Her training package is very good you get extra stuff to help you make a great product. The dvd and manual are the best. I'm looking forward to starting my own impression business and its all thanks to Amy and her great training tips."

- Miriah, VA